22 years BK International in The Hague

An international community of spiritually likeminded souls. Wanting to do good for the world and with the world

Peace - Interfaith - International Yogaday - Women - Values & Education

'Water for All' Event at Peace Palace by Living Peace Projects, November 2022 with at the front in white: Sister Jayanti, Add. Admin. Head BKWSU 

Awakening with BK Shivani ‘Freedom and Happiness in Relationships’ in
Zuiderstrand Theater by Shivani from India during her European tour, June 2019

International program launching stamp of Dadi Janki with Indian Embassy and Asha Didi, director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Delhi, India, March 2021

Peace in the Park, September 2017

 Off-site location for Peace in the Park   foundation, September 2018 

Reception with Dadi Janki in the Peace Palace, 2012

International Day of Yoga, City Hall
June 2017

Ikyo Miyamura from London, here with an Origami program and later for an
In-House Retreat for the Japanese community, May 2023

BK centre is located at the edge of
the International Zone of The Hague.

Peace pilgrimage  'Virtues of the Heart' by Living Peace Projects with Maureen Goodman, BKWSU UK far left in white, September 2017 

Program about spiritual wellbeing with Mathilde Sergeant, nurse at the Global Hospital India, May 2017

Program for Japanese community 'My Super Story', May 2023

Interview with Atam Prakash from Mt Abu, India, Soefi temple, July 2012

Rani and Solange from Paris with a program for the French community
'Pleine Conscience - Pleine Puissance', March 2013

Booth on the International Market of international organisations in the field of peace and justice.  World Forum, September 2012

With Sharona Stillerman from Israël in a meeting  including dinner for Peace of  Mind guests. December 2016

Opposite the museum Panorama Mesdag and the Hilton Hotel, the BK centre is easily found by visitors and friends of the BK worldwide. It is also situated on walking distance from the Peace Palace, the seat of the
International Court of Justice.

Visitors of Aruba, participating in a program about inner peace on the occasion of 'Just Peace Open Day', where international organisations in te 'City of Peace and Justice' open their doors for interested visitors.

Inner Charging Point
Energy for study, work and private life.
Booth with recharging cards at the Human Rights Festival at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for the Dutch and international students. In co-operation with Initiatives of Change, December 2022

One Day Reteat for Indian Expats on the theme: 'What is the need of the time?'
July 2023